Spectrum Consulting Team (SCT) provides general information regarding medical research, treatment options, therapies and nutrition. The information comes from a variety of sources and is

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           Individual Support/Coaching/Guidance                                                                                        

           Spectrum Consulting Team offers an array of  individualized supports that include

           social mentoring, life coaching, guidance, skill building, and nutritional consultations.

                                                                 Parent Support/Coaching

                                                                    Parenting can be a challenge. Let our highly experienced Team support you in all                                                                             aspects of  your parenting journey- diagnosis, mental/behavioral health, dietary,                                                                             communications, community resources.


            We offer small group classes on topics related to supporting

            individuals with developmental disabilities and their families.

            Topics are based on client input and our Team's areas of expertise.

                                                                Nutritional Consultations

​                                                                   Spectrum Consulting Team offers individualized nutritional consultations                                                                                         as well as small group sessions on various dietary approaches beneficial to

                                                                   mental and behavioral health.

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